True Or False Questions:

True Or False Questions:

1.   Eating and drinking the wrong foods can negatively affect metabolism by slowing it down.   True_____

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True Or False Questions:
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2.   Minerals are necessary for physiological processes, such as heart contraction and hormonal action. _____true

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3.   Vitamins are sources of energy and are required for health. _____

4.   Some fat is necessary in the diet because the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K are all carried into the bloodstream by way of fats.   _____ True

5.   When mixed together, fats will dissolve in water.   _____true

6.   Fats are called the building blocks of the body because they form the base of every living cell. _____

7.   Nutrients must be consumed in a diet on a daily basis.   _____

8.   The main source of energy from foods is carbohydrates.   _____

9.   A quiet, calm atmosphere at meal time can disrupt the digestive process.   _____

10.   Animal sources of cholesterol provide unsaturated fat. _____

Multiple choice Questions:

11.   The ________ diet is often recommended to both children and adults with gastrointestinal upset.

a.   Clear liquid

b. High protein  

c.   BRAT

d. Full liquid

12.   All the following nutrients provide energy EXCEPT ________.

a.   Carbohydrates

b. Fats

c.   Proteins

d. Vitamins

13.   A registered dietitian ________.

a.   completes referrals with health insurance plans.

b. may or may not be a qualified health care provider.

c.   is a member of the health care team.

d. distributes dietary information under the direction of a physician.

14.   Proteins are necessary for all the following, EXCEPT ________.

a.   producing energy

b. aiding in digestion

c.   promoting growth and repair of tissues

d. providing the framework for bones, muscles, and blood

15.   Night blindness is a symptom of ________ deficiency.

a.   Folacin

b. Vitamin A

c.   Vitamin b1

d. Niacin

16.   Under normal disease-free conditions, the average person should observe the following dietary guidelines EXCEPT ________.

a.   eat a balanced diet that is rich in a variety of foods

b. try adding salt to food

c.   be mindful of portion sizes

d. fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables.

17.   For a patient with borderline hypertension, a medical assistant may ________.

a.   create a plan for medical nutrition therapy

b. monitor the success of medical nutrition therapy.

c.   provide information about a reduced sodium diet.

d. write an order for medical nutrition therapy.

18.   The medical assistant acts as the patient’s ________ in regard to health maintenance and disease prevention.

a.   Liaison

b. Coach

c.   guTrue Or False Questions:ardian ad litem

d. power of attorney (POA)

19.   A ________-calorie diet using a balance of the five food groups and low-fat foods will result in weight loss.

a.   1,500

b. 1,800

c.   2,000

d. 1,200

20.   Vitamin ________, which is formed from carotene, can be formed in the body.

a.   A

b. B

c.   C


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