Using the company information found in this document thoroughly evaluate the nano-brewery…

Using the company information found in this document, thoroughly evaluate the nano-brewery and present a 10- to 12-page report that addresses the following topics: 1. Using the included balance sheet, calculate the following financial ratios: current, net working capital, quick, and debt-to-equity. Then explain what each ratio tells you about the company and how it can inform your assessment of the company’s financial strength. 2. Conduct market research for a new product line and make a recommendation. This section should include an explanation of the research processes used to make the recommendation, making sure to use a variety of peer-reviewed, credible resources, and take into consideration the current product line. 3. Develop and explain strategic goals for finance, product, and expansion, providing an explanation for each. Use the “SMART” methodology as a guide for setting your goals. 4. Write a communication strategy for how the owners can explain the strategic goals to their new employees. How should they present the information? What points should they emphasize and why? What should they consider about each individual employee when developing a communication plan?

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