Using the following definitions for a binary tree,

Using the following definitions for a binary tree,

typedef struct bintreenode

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Using the following definitions for a binary tree,
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int data;

struct bintreenode* left;

struct bintreenode* right;

} btreenode;

// Used for a node in the queue.

typedef struct node


btreenode* nodePtr;

struct node* next;

} node;

// Used to represent the queue efficiently.

typedef struct queue


node* front;

node* back;

} queue;

Implement the following functions:

void bfs(btreenode* root) // Prints a breadth first search traversal of the binary search tree rooted at root.

void insert(btreenode* root, int value) //using level order

void deletion(btreenode* root, int value) // find the node to be deleted and also the deepest node, copy the value of the deepest node to the node to be deleted

void deleteDeepest(btreenode* root, btreenode* d_node) // delete the deepest node


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