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ntegrated Essay: Strategic Intent

As you may be aware, there are many ways people approach cooking. Some avoid the subject entirely, while others use what they have on hand to create meals. Some cookbook authors make an assumption that their readers will first find the recipe that they want to execute, then search the cupboards and the local market for the ingredients they will need to create their intended dish. They write under the assuption that the vision of the final product shapes the present reality and process.
Consider the idea of thinking strategically in the future—and with your company’s goals in mind. Then think about your company’s present organizational and strategic landscape. In this Discussion, you will be articulating differences in strategic approaches.

With these thoughts in mind:
Compare and contrast” conventional strategic planning concepts” with those of “strategic intent thinking.” You may wish to discuss how the differences in conventional strategic planning and strategic intent thinking concepts can lead to better business strategy practice.
Prepare a 6- to 8-paragraph integrated essay based upon this question. Your essay should be written in APA format and should include APA-formatted citations for each reading that you cite.
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