Week 4 Evolving Nature of Counseling Discussion

Week 4 Evolving Nature of Counseling Discussion

DQ1. How has the culture at your site affected you in terms of your future employment? Have you decided to continue with the same populations?

DQ2. What is the relationship between the various disciplines represented at the agency, (e.g., social work, nursing, OT, addictions counselors)? Is there an effective interdisciplinary treatment team? Does one discipline dominate the others?

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DQ3. Coordination of treatment with other professionals is important. What have you learned in your practicum that has helped you to identify these important resources?

Journal – In 250 words reflect upon the progress made in gaining knowledge, skills, attitudes, in some of the tasks I carried out, they include: Group Counseling – Individual counseling – Staff Meetings – In-Service Training – Treatment Planning and Development – Progress Notes.