Week 6 study questions


Please keep the questions in order 10 and 36-52

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Week 6 study questions
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10. The author states six reasons for conflict. Briefly state these reasons.

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36. What does peacemaking expose, in reference to leadership?

38. What is the problem with asserting our “knowledge”, our “rights” and our “self” in the midst of conflict, even when we may be the innocent party?

40. Is mediation a pastoral matter? Explain your views on this question.

42. Briefly discuss both the roles and the goals of a mediator.

44. How does arbitration differ from mediation? Briefly explain.

46. Briefly discuss the basic biblical principles of Church discipline.

48. When, in the process of church discipline do you or do you not involve the entire church body?

50. When considering peacemaking in the church what are the questions leaders need to ask themselves?

52. What part do “the ordinary means of grace” play in peacemaking?



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