What is the rationale for having publicly reported data?

A recent trend identified by The Joint Commission (TJC) concerns hospital discharge procedures for heart failure (HF) patients. This information is considered publicly reported data, meaning that the compliance of the facility is available to the public. Seven elements are required for each discharge—diet, fluid restriction, activity level, when to call a physician, time for the follow-up appointment, clear medication directions, and specific signs and symptoms of HF problems (peripheral edema, shortness of breath, activity intolerance). The quality assurance team is charged with achieving 100% compliance with indicators for each aspect of the discharge process.

A.   What is the rationale for having publicly reported data?

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 What is the rationale for having publicly reported data?
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B.   What is the quality indicator in this scenario?

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C. Who might be included in the quality assurance team assembled to look into this issue?

D.  Describe how you could collect data for compliance.

E. To achieve compliance, which procedures would need to be implemented regarding staff nurses?

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