Where the species is found at the SD Zoo (Monkey Trail, etc.)

You are welcome to go to the San Diego Zoo any time you would like to work on your project. However, you would have to pay for a student ticket or buy a membership. However, I will make an announcement soon about a couple of dates where we get in for a discounted price if we enter as a class. Once inside, you can go off on your own to work on your projects.

1.  First, make note of the day(s) you attended the San Diego Zoo, the time you spent there (specific hours), and the weather conditions.

2.  Select a total of 5 primates from the following list to observe. Please note: not all of these primates will be on display all of the time. You do not need to choose one from each group…you can focus on ANY five species.


3.  Focusing on the 5 primates you have selected, note the following aspects about each of them.

  • Scientific name & common name
  • Where the species is found at the SD Zoo (Monkey Trail, etc.)
  • Taxonomic category (prosimian, NW monkey, OW monkey, or ape)
  • Geographic location
  • Diet
  • Dental formula
  • Sexual dimorphism
  • Locomotor style
  • Type of nose
  • Body size
  • Any unusual features
  • Endangered status

4.  Focusing on the 5 primates you have selected, describe and analyze the primates’ behaviors you witnessed during your visit. This is the part you should spend the most time on!!

5.  Finally, you should note what you personally gained from the experience, and what your attitude is regarding the Zoo and the care of the animals.



Weather, time, and date of visit

Bullet point answers for 5 primate species (2 points per species)

Analysis of behaviors observed…why are the animals doing what they’re doing (5 points per species)


Concluding thoughts of the zoo and the project

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