Wk 1 Apply: Degree of Alignment

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Wk 1: Advanced Organizer

BUS/475 v10

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Wk 1 Apply: Degree of Alignment

Advanced Organizer

Review the companies listed in the case studies portion of the textbook. Choose 1 of the companies to use for all weekly assessments. Complete the chart below with information provided in the textbook and other resources. Provide your analysis below the chart.

Selected Organization: Walmart

Describe the organization in the follow chart:


Mission “To save people money so they can live better”. The words are an exhibit of the beliefs of the company’s CEO. Through the practices and strategies used in the company, this mission is manifested aligning itself with the slogan “save money. live better” (Walmart Mission Statement 2019 | Walmart Mission & Vision Analysis. (2019). Walmart in an effort to respect its mission, uses pricing as a competitive advantage. The key word in the declaration are; Improving people’s lives, providing monetary liberation and beyond the expectations.
Vision “Be the destination for customers to save money, no matter how they want to shop” (Ferguson, 2019). The words align with the strategies of competition.
Values Walmart has four pillars of value; “to create a business of better service for consumers, respect people, strive for excellence and also make actions with integrity” (Ferguson, 2019).
Structure The structure is made up of two characteristic which are vertical command and another one is authority line (Lombardo, 2019).
Culture The organizational culture is made up of four aspects. The components act as a guide for employee behaviour that measure Walmart’s capacity to add value in its service provision (Walmart Core Values: Walmart Careers. 2015).


Based on your advanced organizer and further research, analyze the degree of alignment between what the organization is currently doing (actions) and their mission, vision, values, structure, and culture.

Walmart’s Mission is providing products to customers at lower prices to help them save and live better. This has been continuous practiced through its pricing model. Walmart charges relatively lower prices which has become its competitive advantage. In promoting its values and culture, the company believes and values the decision and contribution of every employee in the organization (How Walmart Builds Its Corporate Culture. 2016). These activities have enabled the company to live by its vision which h is allowing consumers to save funds on every product that they buy from the retail store. In order to retain its value and to customers, the company works tirelessly in ensuring sustainability of resources. This has enabled to transformation of corporate strategies into a reality. All these values can be witnesses through its customers communication with customers and other stakeholders “Walmart can change the world.”

Walmart enables the implementation of its values, missions and cultures both to its customers and employees through its various actions. These include regular communication of promotions to customers, company cultures and values to the employees and process taken towards mission-driven projects.

Walmart integrates business plans with cultural values to help employees and the company achieve its goals together as one. This is facilitated from values which come from the top management down to functional management within the firm.


Access the Reference & Citation Generator for citation assistance.

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Copyright 2019 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2019 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.

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