write an article on the role of gender stereotypes at the workplace.

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on the role of gender stereotypes at the workplace Paper must be at least 2250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! A proof of this is that as of July 2006, there were only eleven women Chief Executive Officers compared to the 489 men that were CEOs of the Fortune 500 companies. Why is this so? Is it because of the idea that women are designed differently and therefore not able to excel as men can and do in the corporate or political world a fact? Or is it because this myth is so widespread that it is considered a reality? Which one is it? Is the proverbial glass ceiling an actuality that women cannot escape from?

The term “glass ceiling” was coined in the 1980s to connote the limited advancement or the “invisible barriers” a woman stumbles upon in a company due to prejudices such as sexism.4 In the study conducted by Brian Welle and Madeline E. Heilman, they concluded that gender stereotypes are at the root of the glass ceiling that women encounter in the business and political arenas.5 Gender stereotypes are “conceptualized cognitive structures” of the characteristics, behaviors, attitudes, and even physical appearances of males and females.6 Thomas Eckes further explained that, based on his study on the range-of-fit effects theory which measures a subtype’s suitability to a particular gender and situation, “female and male subtypes would differ in the range of situations with which they are commonly associated.”7 To cite a specific situation, males rated as more suitable for the situation presented by a job meeting.8 This means that men are recognized as more suitable in a boardroom than women. “This fact, which is based on mathematical computations, can also be explained through social psychology as done by Welle and Heilman.

Welle and Heilman explained that there are two contrasting views in the workplace that deter and limit women from being promoted to the positions they deserve.9 The societal and accepted views about how a particular work should be done,&nbsp.who should be doing that work, and the qualities needed to succeed contradict the views about women and their roles in society.

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