Writing Assignment (WA 1): Secondary Data Analysis-Literature Review

SYG2323: Criminology


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Writing Assignment (WA 1): Secondary Data Analysis-Literature Review
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Writing Assignment (WA 1): Secondary Data Analysis-Literature Review

Total Points Possible: 50 pts.

(See Syllabus for Due Date) ________



Write a summary analysis of the journal article given to you on Canvas (pick one). For the majority of

the essay, you are writing the article analysis in your own words but you must demonstrate the ability to

know when and how to use APA style in-text citations for quotes and paraphrases, and your sources

ideologies, definitions, dates and statistics. You also need to create an APA style reference page (at the

end of your essay). Give a good but brief introduction and be sure to explore the following phases of the

articles research process in your review: theory, methodology, findings and conclusions (if any are not

included in the article, you need to state that in the conclusions). Three page maximum length.


Show your ability to apply terminology from the assigned readings and classroom discussion into your

essay when appropriate. It is very important to note that this class is a discipline specific writing class

and we will be using APA style citations. You must demonstrate the ability to use the APA style tools

you have learned in-class in all your writing assignments this semester.


Type your name, writing assignment number, class meeting time and date in the upper right/left hand

corner, this header should be single spaced. The writing assignment should be in proper left align

paragraph format. The body of the text should be double spaced using a 10 or 12 font size with 1”

borders. To guarantee the assignments do not accumulate late points they must be turned in on or

before the beginning of the class period of the assigned due date. If you send the assignments as an E-

mail attachment, make sure your file is sent as a MS Word or Rich Text Format (rtf) document or I may

not be able to open it—which is the same as not receiving it. Remember, there is a loss of 5 points per

each day the assignment is late (see syllabus).


The Research Process Explored:



-Methodology: Analyze secondary data (the lit review is what we are doing for this assignment) Theory

Methodology (primary data collection not conducted but explored)


Discussion & Conclusions


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