You have just joined a local company for a 4 month internship to develop a local CSR project. The…

You have just joined a local company for a 4 month internship to develop a local CSR project. The company is a local, small Café with an annual revenue of $150,000. They provide coffee, tea, fresh fruit, and healthy smoothie drinks, breakfast items that are home made, and a small lunch menu: soup of the day, salad of the day, and a sandwich of the day. They have 3 employees (the owner, and 2 hourly employees). The owner is very engaged in the community and volunteers at different functions around town. Your internship is based on developing the concept for a CSR project for them (1 time occurrence as compared to a program that entails multiple elements/projects). The owner feels that they can handle a CSR project and if it is successful, they would repeat it annually. In one page (double spaced):

· Outline 1 relevant issue that will become the driver for the CSR initiative/project and describe 1 benefit that the CSR project will produce. (What is the cause, the problem that the CSR project will address and how will this project provide a solution/benefit towards this problem?)

· What actions does the Café need to take to create visibility to this CSR project? (Identify and describe at least 2 actions that will create visibility for this CSR project)

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· How will you deliver/implement this project? What resources do you need to make this project feasible?

· How can the café engage its stakeholders into the CSR initiative? Name at least two stakeholders and describe how the café would involve them into this project.

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